I work in the company of my dreams of positions that I really like. Everything in my work suits me, but after transferring to remote work, I began to watch TV shows, video on the Internet instead of work. Thus I can spend the whole working day, while not feeling any remorse of conscience. Unfortunately, it only gets worse, I’m afraid to lose the work that I like. I can’t understand what the problem lies.

Marina, it is unlikely to answer your letter, as it contains not enough information. My first assumptions are fatigue, lack of personal motivation and idealizing work. Perhaps in an attempt to get to this specific position or developing in your place, you spent a large amount of energy and energy, and now that it has been possible to live in a more relaxed way, the body takes its.

No stressful situation can last endlessly. At first, the body is mobilized, draws forces from all backup sources, but this cannot last indefinitely, because the resources must be replenished, they are finite. And when the resource ends or the opportunity to relax, the body itself does it.

In your case, I am alarming only the duration of the period during which you will procrastinate. This is not a couple of weeks or a month, but, as I understand it, several months.

The lack of http://matzagot.com/aplikacja-mostbet-pobierz-bezplatna-aplikacje-asia-apk-aby-miec-system-android-i-io personal motivation may be that getting into this company was an end in itself. You write that this is a company of dreams, if you got into it not by chance, but went to this stubbornly, the company itself could be the goal for you. You have achieved the goals, interest is lost. This is natural. But, since you have already ended up where you really wanted to be, you should not let the situation on its own, but look for motivation for work.

I do not know what can personally motivate you: position, money, medals, the envy of former classmates or the desire to wipe his nose to the ex -husband, who did not believe in you, seek. You are right in one thing: if you do not find the strength to take up work, the risk of losing it is very high.

You could also at the stage of achieving the goal too idealizing the company’s company. And here you are there, it seems that everything is fine, but “not that”. Good conditions, company reputation, wages, office with a view of a city from a high floor, a promising line in a resume for a career, but does not catch. And it happens too. In this case, if everything is really so good, you can try to inspire yourself to work for some period of time and consider it as an excellent temporary option. And there is nothing wrong with that.

You have a lot of time ahead to move on. There may be other reasons for your procrastination, for example, fear of failure or fear of a large amount of work. In any case, you can find them by rummaging in yourself. In the meantime, try to figure out how to inspire yourself to work.

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