If you have a desire to debut in the triathlon this season, you should not stop yourself, there is still time to prepare. It is only important to correctly build a training schedule and prepare emotionally.

The triathlon season is in full swing, we are about to step over the “equator”, but there are novice athletes who are only preparing for their first start. Almost three months remain until the last triathlon competition, there is time for preparation, but it must be used as efficiently as possible. We talked about the details of the preparation and tips for choosing a route for the debut start with Alexander Korobochkin, the trainer of the School of Sports School.

Alexander, tell us, the triathletes-novicks of what level have the chances of preparing in 100 days and go through the distance?

If we consider the option of passing the distance is not for the result, then lovers who can swim 500-700 meters without stopping and are already a little familiar with the bicycle, will have time to prepare for 100 days for the race. You need to start with anatomical adaptation and study of technology for each of the stages. The correct technique at the bicycle and running stages will help to avoid injuries, and during swimming will save strength for further passage of the route.

100 days – sprinting period for preparation. How not to break and what can help maintain a stable psychological state during such a slaughter training schedule?

When amateurs are preparing for their first start, their desires to train is enough for ten. Nevertheless, the achievement of results and the correct response to your progress is a very important part of the preparatory process. It requires thin work, and the best assistant here is a coach.

I had a ward that showed the result in the training session worse than its previous achievements. She was immediately upset, but I asked her about the working schedule, sleep mode, food, in

Δεδομένου ότι οι γοφοί συμπιέζονται, θα έχει μια περαιτέρω διεγερτική επίδραση στην κλειτορίδα, επιπλέον, με κάθε τριβή, ο κόκορας του θα είναι έντονα ισιωμένος στα σεξουαλικά χείλη. Παρεμπιπτόντως, σε αυτή την τοποθέτηση του σεξ, ο άντρας σας θα είναι σε θέση να σας διεισδύσει σε τόσο βιαγκρα τιμη δυνατό και επομένως θα εκτιμήσει επίσης το εκσυγχρονισμένο κλασικό για πλεονέκτημα.

the end we found a problem. She was convinced that she did not lose her equipment, and due to the influence of external factors, she lost a little position, but this.

The coach also helps to make the right schedule so that the athlete sees his progress and does not trample on one place for a long time. Progress is visible – motivation is growing.

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